FoilTech Werner Wiesenborn e.K.
Am Kirchberg 4
D-73105 Duernau/Germany

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Products Welcome to the web page of FoilTech Werner Wiesenborn e.K.

Based on more than 30 years of experience in the industry, and a close cooperation with major manufacturers worldwide, we offer the full range of foil products for product decoration and enhancement for the wide range of applications like:

Folding boxes, labels, book and magazine covers, CD/DVD-covers and booklets, confectionery packaging, greeting cards, tickets, writing instruments, cosmetic packaging, tooth brushes, automotive parts, appliances, toys, consumers electronics, leather, textiles.............

Own warehouse, cutting and and shipping facilities secure short delivery times of all our major products.



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Prägefolien - Hot-Stamping Foils - Kaschierfolien - Lamination Films - Hologramme - Holograms - Holo-Papiere - Holographic Papers - Effekt-Selbstklebefolien - Decorative Pressure Sensitive Films - Heiß-Transfers - Heat Transfers - Inmold-Decoration - Insert-Molding